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Rules for the houses and important information

Safety information:

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To help us keeping the houses in good and healthy condition please adhere to the following:

  • Smoking is not allowed inside the houses.

  • Please avoid the usage of an open fire, candles, etc., and use the provided (ask our staff) outside barbecue (grill).

  • To preserve water, please do not tamper with the radiators.

  • Please wipe up any water that spills on the timber floors.

  • Thank you for not wearing your hiking boots on the soft timber floors.

Notice: The outside steps are uneven and can be slippery in rain!


We strive for good indoor air quality (IAQ)

We try our best to keep the indoor air free of fragrance, mold, chemicals, smoking and solvents. We have made a great effort in using non-toxic materials in concern of people who suffer from allergies, respiratory problems or chemical sensitivity. The downies and pillows are washed frequently at 60°C. The linens are washed at 60°C. The floor has no carpet, only small "cosy mats" which are machine washed frequently. Since we at Kaldbakskot realize that "clean" does not have a "scent" we only use fragrance free products. Please, give us a hint if you think we can do better in this matter and let us know if you think that something is missing from the house or some things are out of order.


To help us keep the price at a reasonable level, the following applies: 

  • Check-in time is at 15:00-18:00 (3:00-6:00 PM). Please let us know if you will be arriving later and we will accommodate your needs.

  • Upon departure, please take special notice to:

    • Clean all used kitchen utensils.

    • Put all garbage in the containers, found on the lot.

    • Leave the key in the door of your house and your used bed-linen on the terrace.

  • Check out time is at 12:00 (noon). 

  • No formal check-out is required.


Interaction with the land and other guests on the property:

  • The hot tubs are exclusively for our guests (24 hours), to be used at your own risk. Please, do not disturb other guests. Never leave children unattended in the tub or on/by the lake. Children are in the hot tub or on/by the lake on the responsibility of their parents or supervisor. Please, be sure your skin is free of perfumes, body oils and lotions. Taking a shower is required before you enjoy the tub. No lotions, oils, soaps, salts, etc. are to be put in the hot tub.

  • Our walking paths are natural and follow the landscape, so be sure to wear good shoes. You are free to walk where you like at your own risk, but it is easier to follow the natural paths.

  • Fishing in the lake is free. Fishing rod can be rented at the office. Price is 5 EUR/day. On and by the lake everyone is at their own risk.

  • Berries and mushrooms that grow wild around the cottages and in the small hills east of the cottages are free for everyone to pick.

  • The area is a bird sanctuary, please respect the wildlife. Birders: a link can be found to our pond on eBird (see link on website below). The location is "Kaldbakstjarnir”:


Other useful information:

  • The supermarket, Netto, is the third commercial building on your right hand side in Húsavík, 3 min straight drive (1,7 km).

  • The State Monopoly on Alcohol Sales (Vínbúð) is in downtown Húsavík and is open every day except Sundays and holidays (find Húsavík):


  • Laundry service can be found at Fatahreinsun Húsavíkur, also downtown, close to the Vínbúð.

  • The swimming pool in Húsavík is a geothermal heated outdoor pool with hot tubs, a steam bath, a special warm pool and slides for children. It is open from early morning until late in the evening.

  • The golf course is on the other side off the main road, ca. 1 km.

For Internet Connection!

Each house has its own WiFi network:​

  • Network name: House number [X]

  • Password: 987654321

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